Parshva Publication, is an independent leading book publication house of excellence established in 1970. We are based in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, in Western India. Parshva Publication is founded by Shri Babubhai Halchand Shah.

Parshva Publication has over the years, single handedly created a niche market for quality of bestselling and popular books in streams like Indology, Social Science, Humanity, and many more. Our publication provides outstanding and highly regarded source material, indispensable for students and scholars of Gujarati, Sanskrit, Hindi, and English language.

Parshva Publication was established at a time when Gujarati language and it’s society was passing through a far reaching socio-cultural change. The Gujarati literature was marked by the modernist movement. Parshva Publication had been an active force in the development of creative and critical literature in Gujarati. Many of its writers and publications have won accolades in literary work. Parshva Publication is a house possessing high respect among best of the writers and we treasure all our great writers humbly. Few of our writers are Dr. Suman Shah, Dr. Chandrakant Topiwala, Dr. Shirish Panchal, Dr. Hasu Yagnik, and many more.

Today, we are Gujarat’s leading academic publisher. We are progressing towards “A NEW GENERATION” with same sincerity and drive to back up more legendary works. We are publishing more than 350 books every year and going for more, this is our endeavor and victory both. We publish books and reference material every year serving scholars, teachers, students and curious readers.

Today, Parshva Publication have asset of over 4000+ titles.

Parshva Publication also have a full-fledged book distribution division based in Gujarat, which serves the full length and breadth of Gujarat. We effectively cover all bookstores, booksellers, institutes, colleges, libraries and other potential bookselling outlets in India. We stock books published by any other Indian publisher and International publisher and can fulfill all your book requirements.

In this glorious history of last 4 decades, almost all legendary works and writers of Gujarati and other language works are working together to win over every literature famished mind.

A team of strategists, designers, engineers, writers, producers, code artists and filmmakers.